Adidas and Kawasaki bring back a classic in a new avatar

Biking meets sneakers

A few decades ago Adidas gave the world the ZX line of sneakers that have remained popular among the masses. The initial design drew inspiration from Kawasaki bikes and a flame between the two brands was kindled. After rifling through various Kawasaki concepts, the two landed on the newest sneaker design– the ZX22.

Sporting that famed Kawasaki lime green in the form of highlights on the silver upper part of the shoe. It even has contrasting black segments just like the Ninja. The word “Ninja” is printed in white on the co-branded shiny tongue.

The sole itself is pretty large with ample ‘Boost’ cushioning which is accompanied by the black rubber outsole and accompanying framework that is standard on the ZX22. Other perks include a collaborative box, black laces with lime green aglets and partially recycled materials. 

The Kawasaki x adidas ZX22 will drop today priced at $150 USD (₹12,250).