Alone in the Dark will have Jodie Comer and David Harbour in its detective horror setting

Ready to meet Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby like never before?

Alone in the Dark, is about to hit the screens with a double dose of Hollywood awesomeness! The fabulous Jodie Comer, famous for her role in the thrilling series Killing Eve and Free Guy will be Emily Hartwood. And David Harbour, known for his performance in Stranger Things and Black Widow will give Edward Carnby a whole new dimension.

The characters will not only have the ace actors’ voices but they also look exactly like their Hollywood counterparts. The most interesting part is that you will get the power to choose! Depending on whether you pick Emily or Edward, you'll unlock a different perspective on the same gripping story. So you can return for a second serving of the game after your first play through. It’s also a reboot for the series so expect newer mechanics with a fresh paint of 2023 graphics.

We had a chance to interact with the devs and see exclusive gameplay of Alone in the Dark. It’s inspired by the latest Resident Evil games and the devs have also taken input from the original creator. You’ll hear some dynamic jazz soundtracks inspired by noir theme movies that will add a flavourful detective intrigue to its gameplay. Alone in the Dark is launching on October 25, 2023, on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PlayStation5, and will be available for ₹3,499.