Amazon’s Halo Rise sits on your bedside table and tracks your sleep pattern like your pet cat

Hit the sack before it gets too dark

If you are a light sleeper and like to track your goodnight's sleep but hate putting on wearables overnight – Amazon has just provided you with a solution. The brand’s latest Halo device is a first-of-its-kind sleep tracker that quietly sits on your bedside table and performs the job. It also doubles up as a sunrise alarm clock. 

The device has no camera or microphone so it uses low-energy contactless sensors to detect the quality of sleep, breathing patterns and the micro-movements that occur while breathing. The device then uses machine learning to understand the various stages and patterns and shows the insight on the Halo app.

Amazon ensures that the device’s sleep algorithm is trained and validated against polysomnography—the clinical gold standard for sleep analysis. The Halo rise automatically starts the sleep session as soon as you enter the bed without the need of manually starting it. 

An addition to its Halo line, the Halo rise is considered an alternative to the Halo Band, it is especially designed for people who don’t like to wear a watch overnight, yet want to track their sleep. This device will reportedly cost you close to ₹12,000.