Ambrane PowerHub 200 is a portable power station

For your charging needs

Earlier this year, we told you about Ambrane’s 25000mAh Powerlit Ultra Power Bank. The brand has now come up with its new portable power station, the PowerHub 200. With a 60000mAh capacity, this power bank is a good option to keep your devices juiced up while you're on the move.

The PowerHub 200 is armed to supply 200W of power. It will be useful whether you need to charge up your smartphone, laptop, tablet or keep a mini fridge humming. It comes with a range of charging options, including USB A, QC 3.0, DC, and AC ports. 

The power station is equipped with a digital battery indicator, giving you real-time updates on its power status. Plus, it comes with an integrated LED and SOS flashlight. Ambrane says the PowerHub 200 is engineered with layers of protection to guard against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuits, ensuring your devices stay safe during the power-up sessions. The Ambrane PowerHub 200W portable power station can be yours for ₹14,999.