Asus Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 and Marshmallow Mouse MD100 have quiet-click buttons and keys

Sprinkling some digital sweetness onto your desks!

Asus has dropped a delectable tech treat into the mix – the Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 and Marshmallow Mouse MD100. The KW100 is Asus’ compact wireless keyboard armed with ultra-quiet switches that are engineered to hush noise by 90%. It's got a 2-level adjustable kickstand, ensuring you find that sweet spot for typing. This keyboard can hook up to three different devices and plays nicely with Windows, Chrome, MacOS, and iOS systems. What's more? ASUS boasts that its notebook-like scissor keys and layout make transitioning from a laptop to this keyboard a breeze - no learning curve needed. You're in it for the long haul, too, with 10 million click lifespan and up to 2 years of battery life. And don't you miss the 12 hotkeys!

The Marshmallow Mouse MD100 is a lightweight mouse tipping the scales at 56g. Its colourful and changeable design adds a playful touch and its symmetrical shape makes it appropriate for both left and right-handed folks. Asus says what really sets this mouse apart is its quiet-click buttons, generating under 20 dB. It's been put through the paces with 10 million clicks and you can also tweak your sensitivity on the fly with adjustable DPI settings. Worried about battery life? This little guy will keep on clicking for around 12 months on a single charge. The Marshmallow Mouse MD100 works with Windows, Chrome, and macOS.

The Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 is priced at ₹2899 and comes in Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte hues and the MD100 mouse is priced at ₹1499 and also comes in Oat Milk or Green Tea Latte covers.