Asus ROG Ally is an April Fool’s Day joke that will soon be real

May your batteries never die and your high scores always reign supreme!

Asus announced its first handheld console, the ROG Ally on April 1 but it isn’t an elaborate joke. The announcement video for the ROG Ally is using Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass official content and logos which is putting us in Sherlock mode. This Windows 11-powered gaming device is Asus’ way of bringing a Steam Deck competitor. Finally!

According to Asus, the device runs on a custom-made Ryzen APU from AMD. The screen is FullHD, however, the brand has not revealed much information about the refresh rate yet because April Fools, right? The video showcases a pretty standard handheld design with dual analogue sticks, a D-pad on the left, four face buttons and shoulder buttons. There are also extra triggers on the backside.

Furthermore, it uses Asus’ proprietary Armoury Crate app, which allows instant access to all your games and settings. So you can set up different key mappings and get games from other platforms. The device also features a dual fan design and quiet operations, as per Asus.

The trailer also shows that by plugging the handheld in the ROG XG Mobile eGPU you can easily stream your games to a TV. Well, prank or not, this gaming device seems quite cool but you’ll have to wait to know its price. Our in-house gaming goblin and Reviews Editor Khumail Thakur is absolutely sure that this will launch in May around Computex. If it doesn’t, please be sure to console him later.