BGMI’s latest update lets you play as Ranveer Singh and drive Pagani hypercar

The update is live now!

Ranveer Singh, the Bollywood superstar, has been added as a playable character in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Krafton, the company behind the game, signed him up as the brand ambassador back in September 2023. Now, in the latest (2.9) update, it has introduced two 3D avatars of Ranveer Singh - RS Dark Stealth and RS Swaggy Baba.

The update features emotes that take inspiration from the actor's famous dance moves. You've got the Swagster Groove, Swagster Tathad, Swagster Sway, and Swagster Twirl emotes, alongside a voice pack and other items. Krafton says that it aims to encapsulate "the essence of the star" through these newly introduced character skins.

Furthermore, there is a Ranveer Singh Discovery event in the game, which operates on a point-based system. Players can earn points by taking part in Classic mode matches. This event kicked off on December 1, 2023, and will run until January 25, 2024. It comprises 50 stages, offering a range of rewards like ornaments, space gifts, parachutes, et cetera. Players have the opportunity to accumulate up to 5,000 points during this event period.

The game will also host a play-to-win event called "Play pure with Ranveer Singh." This event offers players the chance to complete various tasks and gather RS tokens, which can be exchanged for permanent in-game digital goods. Tasks include playing as Ranveer Singh, engaging in Pure Showdown matches, teaming up with others in the game, participating in Pure Speed challenges, and logging in daily, Krafton says.

The BGMI update also introduces new locations like the 'Snowy Village,' featuring rideable reindeer and high-speed snow rails. Within this village lies a two-storied building called Sculpture Plaza and a unique weapon known as the Snowball Blasters, capable of transforming enemies into snowmen. Additionally, Krafton has also collaborated with car manufacturer Pagani to introduce two new car models into the game.