Bottega Veneta unveiled a fanzine devoted to the iconic Kate Moss

Delving into the timeless allure of Matthieu Blazy!

Ah, the sweet nostalgia of adolescent years when we were all guilty of having our hearts stolen by a celebrity crush. The feeling of adoration was simply unmatched as we gazed longingly at their pictures on our bedroom walls or in that special scrapbook. It's a rite of passage that we can all relate to. But while most of us tend to forget the bygone time, Bottega Veneta creative director Matthieu Blazy’s long standing adoration of Kate Moss has resulted into a special volume fanzine, a selection of collages and collected images of the supermodel from Matthieu’s teenage years.

Matthieu Blazy also sends out a note expressing his undying love for the iconic Moss along with the fanzine. The note reads, “Kate Moss was my first Google search. She’s the first photo to be printed on the family printer. Whenever I hear a modem, I think of Kate, because I mainly looked for her pictures as a teenager. It’s a sound I will forever relate to her. She became a personal icon. It was, for me, a very serious teenage activity that became an everyday term at home. If I was doing my “Kate Moss”, it meant I was in the middle of collecting pictures. This hobby became a sort of education. This fanzine is a tribute to Kate and the pages of a binder that defined my coming of age. She was my first.”

The Fanzine comes as the third volume of the recently launched book series, basically an ode to Bottega Veneta collective vision spirit and its rich history. The other two volumes showcase the world of Gaetano Pesce's designs for Bottega Veneta. And contain a treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs from the Summer 23 collection.