Bugatti X Crazyfast is Adidas’s limited-edition Bugatti-Inspired soccer boots

Your chance to score the kicks!

Bugatti and Adidas have teamed up to create the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boots. These aren't your everyday boots; they come in an ultra-exclusive limited edition, with only 99 pairs in existence. The boots have the classic Bugatti style, making them a little more desirable. 

Crafted with Bugatti's philosophy of ‘Form Follows Performance’, the boots incorporate Adidas' Speedframe soleplate tech, which keeps the lightweight while maintaining a firm base for quick acceleration.

Adidas has also introduced the Aerocage innovation, an engineered lining designed to snugly wrap around the midfoot and provide optimal support. To boost speed and stability even further, it has added the Aeropacity Speedskin – a breathable single-layer mono-mesh material, and it comes with a carbon fibre inlay that draws inspiration from the high-performance Bugatti cars. All of these elements combine to create boots that are fast and stable.

To lend the boots a touch of elegance, Adidas has used a hint of Bugatti Blue, a nod to the classic Grand Prix cars that Bugatti is famous for. The sides of the boots also sport some phrases that represent the key values of both brands. You've got "Impossible is Nothing" for Adidas, and "Create the Incomparable" for Bugatti. 

Adidas has also discreetly placed Ettore Bugatti's emblem on the rear three-quarter section of the boot. It's a nod to the visionary founder of Bugatti and adds an exclusive co-branded touch to the boots. To emphasise the exclusivity of this collaboration, the boots come in a special box inspired by the carbon fibre weaves, just like the material used in Bugatti's sports cars. If you're itching to get your hands on a pair, collectors can participate in a bidding event through a dedicated page on Adidas Web3 platform from November 8 to the 11.

After the auction wraps up, the lucky winners will have the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive digital shoebox, which includes both a physical pair of boots and a digital twin. This redemption process will kick off on November 13. Before the auction begins, there's a special plan to unveil these boots on the pitch with the help of football stars Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema.