Canva Magic Studio has a suite of AI design tools

To make content creation easy peasy!

Canva is turning ten, and as a part of celebration the brand has come up with a new platform called Magic Studio that has a bunch of AI-powered design tools. The company touts Magic Studio as the most extensive AI design platform globally, with a mission to democratise content creation, making it more attainable for all. 

In Magic Studio, Canva's got a bunch of features that take your creativity up a notch. You've got the Magic Switch for easy format changes, Magic Media that turns text into images and videos, Magic Design to make content creation simple and Brand Voice for keeping your copy on-brand. Magic Studio also throws in some extra features  like Magic Morph, Magic Grab, and Magic Expand, all aimed at giving you even more design possibilities.

Canva has also introduced Canva Shield. It's like a protective shield for the platform, making sure that the AI doesn't get used for making anything harmful or inappropriate. With Canva Shield, the team admins get the reins to control how the Magic Studio tools are used at work. And here's the cherry on top – Canva's offering free AI protection to their enterprise clients. So, it's all about keeping things safe and secure.