Corsair takes over keyboard specialist Drop

Drop in the ocean

Listen up, fellow keyboard enthusiasts! Corsair has snatched up Drop, an online retailer known for its fancy mechanical keyboards and snazzy keycaps. Yup! Drop is now under Corsair's wing, or should I say, under their hot-swappable switches?

In an announcement, Drop's CEO, Jef Holove, spilt the beans about the acquisition. Corsair clarified that they've acquired "certain assets" from Drop. In reality, they've bagged the whole shebang — the website, the brand, the business, the community, and even the staff! 

Corsair's CEO, Andy Paul, chimed in with a bold statement, claiming that personalized keyboards are hotter than hot in the gaming world. He's convinced that with Corsair's worldwide influence, they'll take Drop to new heights. And guess what? Corsair fanatics will now have access to Drop's goodies too! It's a match made in keyboard heaven.

But let's not forget Drop's legacy as Massdrop, the go-to place for all things keyboard components. They've collaborated with keycap designers, dabbled in Lord of the Rings and Marvel-themed designs, and even sold ready-made keyboards that you can customize to your heart's content. Holove assures us that they'll keep their enthusiastic approach intact and bring us more exciting products with the help of Corsair's supply chain.

All in all, Corsair's acquiring spree continues, and Drop joins the ranks of Elgato Gaming, Origin PC, and Scuf Gaming. They're keeping Drop's website separate from the Corsair mothership, and for now, no major changes are on the horizon. Drop will handle their warranties and customer support.

So, my fellow keyboard aficionados, it’s clear that the future promises new collaborations, expanded availability, and a whole lot more. So stay tuned for all the latest updates.