Devialet Mania’s Seasonal Colours Exclusive Editions come in Sandstone and Rose-gold shades

Touch of seasonal flair in your audio setup

Gone are the days when you would just colour coordinate your attire according to the season. With Seasonal Colours Exclusive Editions of Devialet Mania it's time to colour coordinate your speakers with the season and elevate your audio game with the sandstone and rose-gold coloured speakers. 

The brand says contrary to the apparent dissimilarity, sound and colour share an intrinsic bond known as the "noise spectrum," representing the distribution of energy across different sound frequencies. Drawing inspiration from this concept, Devialet crafted a collection that merges transformative sound with captivating hues, ensuring an emotive listening experience.

The Sunset Rose, with its subtle tint, captures the energetic transition experienced as the day draws to a close, mirroring the shift of colours in the sky. Meanwhile, Sandstorm pays homage to the untamed beauty of mineral landscapes, evoking a sense of suspended time and igniting the fires of imagination. These shades not only visually harmonise with Devialet Mania's stereo sound but also exemplify the brand's commitment to thoughtful and luxurious design.

Beneath the vibrant facade, the exclusive editions boast the proprietary technologies embedded within Devialet Mania, delivering an auditory journey in a compact and portable form. ASC (Active Stereo Calibration) harnesses the power of four microphones and advanced intelligence to adapt the audio output according to the surrounding environment. When placed at the room's centre, Devialet Mania activates the 360° stereo mode. Alternatively, when positioned near a wall, two rear full-range speakers augment the front pair.

Devialet Mania's audio prowess stems from its four full-range drivers and two SAM-powered subwoofers (Speaker Active Matching) arranged in a push-push configuration. This configuration empowers the speakers to deliver stereo sound spanning frequencies as low as 30Hz to as high as 20,000Hz. 

In addition to the seasonal colours, Devialet has also released the Devialet Mania Cocoon—a tailor-made sleeve designed to safeguard the portable smart speaker during your journeys. With its form-fitting construction, the Cocoon guarantees total protection. Choose between a woven logo shoulder strap or a sleek rubber handle.

Devialet Mania Seasonal Colours Exclusive Editions in Sunset Rose and Sandstorm are priced at ₹1,02,000 and Devialet Mania Cocoon comes at ₹14,000. It is available at the newly opened Devialet store in Mumbai. Devialet by The Den is the newest experience centre that has just opened its doors to audiophiles in Mumbai's prominent Atria Mall. The new shades of Mania will be exclusively available at this store, along with the Opera editions of the pricier Dione and Phantom wireless speakers.