DJI Air 3 gets two cameras for all your needs

DJI To The Sky

Spying on your upstairs neighbours can be a task, but it can be made easy with the DJI Air 3 drone. With its new Dual-Primary-Camera System, you are given a more consistent image quality and more dynamic imaging possibilities as it contains one wide-angle camera and one medium-tele camera. Also, the medium-tele camera comes with a 3x optical zoom for those of you who wanna get closer to the action. Both cameras being capable of capturing 48MP photos also allow you to capture images at 4K/100 fps or 4K/60 fps HDR. 

With 46 minutes of flight time, you can easily film a couple of sitcom episodes from up there. The new battery charging hub transfers the remaining power from multiple batteries to the battery with the highest remaining power, to give you a fully charged battery at times you need it the most. With a maximum flight time of 32km and transmission range of 20km, you truly can go anywhere.

For the beginner pilots out there, the omnidirectional obstacle sensing will enable the drone to fly smoothly and safely, automatically manoeuvring itself and keeping you safe from obstacles. This will allow you to fly with confidence knowing that you are in safe hands.

When it comes to camera features the DJI Air 3 does not disappoint. The Focus Track feature makes sure that you always look your best by keeping you or your subject in the centre of the frame. The cameras support vertical video shooting as well so that your videos are ready for social media without needing to be cropped. With MasterShots you can perform complex camera movements, shoot multiple clips, edit them, and add a cool background theme giving you fast and simplified footage. 

The Waypoint Flight feature allows you to set a predetermined flight path and achieve difficult camera movements consistently. Video modes such as Hyperlapse and Slow Motion along with its dedicated editing software available for your smartphone make the DJI Air 3’s wallet-rustling price of $1,099 (₹90,000 approx.) totally worth it.