Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat cleans your home and takes care of its own maintenance

If it lives up to the tall claims, 'convenience' should be its middle name!

Cleaning is hands-down a laborious task, but vacuum cleaners have made it manageable. Now, the convenience factor seems to skyrocket with the latest Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat cleaning bot. The device claims to not only clean your home but also itself, making the whole process of cleaning easy as pie.

Dreame claims its L10s Pro Ultra Heat is a self-sufficient marvel, needing no human intervention for upkeep. With auto-maintenance features like self-emptying, self-cleaning mops with 58°C hot water, hot air mop drying, and auto water refilling, this gadget, if delivers on its promises, is (certainly) a clean sweep. 

The cleaning bot also features MopExtend tech, which extends and retracts the mop, allowing it to reach tricky nooks and crannies, as well as clean right angles of walls, irregular corners, and skirting boards. 

This flagship model operates quietly with a 7,000 Pa suction and a Vormax system, effectively tackling various surfaces from hardwood floors to carpets. Its DuoScrub Mopping system employs rotary and pressurised scrubbing with an 80 ml water tank for automatic refills, Dreame claims. 

Another key feature is CleanGenius Functionality which enables the device to learn home layouts and adjust cleaning strategies based on floor types and furniture placement for optimal efficiency. With Pathfinder tech, it uses smart scanning to create accurate home maps and navigate around obstacles, avoiding over 55 types of objects. Sporting a sleek design with a gold finish on the LiDAR dome and camera outline, the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is priced at ₹79,999.