Dyson Supersonic Nural is the brand’s most intelligent hair dryer yet

With Nural sensors that activate scalp protect mode, attachment learning and pause detect!

Dyson recently turned heads at New York Fashion Week with the debut of the Supersonic r, a professional-only hair dryer. But why should stylists have all the fun? We too shall be in for a treat, and we certainly are because Dyson is about to drop the Nural, the next-generation of the coveted Supersonic dryer.

The Supersonic Nural look familiar to the original dryer, but it's got a fresh twist with a clear end cap that gives you a peek into the tech inside. One of its standout features is the new scalp mode, which adjusts heat automatically as the dryer gets closer to your hair, ensuring your scalp stays protected. And to top it off, the device has an LED light in the centre that changes colours when in scalp mode, so you can be sure your scalp is getting the care it deserves.

Dyson has also included attachment learning tech in the Nural. This means the dryer can automatically detect which attachment you're using and adjust the speed and heat settings accordingly, taking the guesswork out of styling. The Nural also features "pause detect" technology, which detects when you set the dryer down and automatically turns off the heat and motor, reducing both noise and energy consumption. 

As for attachments — the Nural comes with a wave-and-curl diffuser, a step up from the original, it creates frizz-free, loose waves. Additionally, the Gentle air attachment disperses airflow for quick and gentle styling. Other attachments include the Styling concentrator, Smoothing Nozzle, and Flyaway smoother.

The Supersonic Nural is available in two colour combinations—Ceramic Patina and Topaz or Vinca Blue and Topaz. While the Supersonic Nural has already hit shelves in select markets, it's set to make its grand debut in India later this year. So keep stuffing top get the latest scoop on the hair dryer and all things tech!