Google I/O 2023 is confirmed for 10th May

This is your 2 months' noticeā€¦

The big G has finally announced the date for their annual developer conference - Google I/O 2023! It's happening on May 10th. The event will be hosted in the US, which means you'll be watching it online like most of us. Don't worry, we'll still get to see some cool stuff. Rumours have been circulating that Google will be announcing the release of Android 14, the Pixel 7A, and maybe even a foldable Pixel phone called the Pixel Fold.

If you're thinking of updating your apps or just want to keep up with the latest Android features, then this is the event for you. Developers will get a chance to work on their apps and make them compatible with Android 14.

As for the Pixel Fold, we've seen some leaked designs and it looks pretty sweet. It'll likely have a foldable 7.69-inch display and a triple-camera setup on the back. Let's not forget about the Pixel 7A, which could also be announced at the event. It'll have a similar design to the Pixel 6A and feature a Sony IMX787 main camera sensor.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for Google I/O 2023!