Google Play Games beta on PC is available in India

The beta version is available in Hindi as well

Google has resorted to going all-out to level up your gaming experience! Last year, it launched Google Play Games on PC so that you can dive into some cross-platform gameplay. It has been dishing out a beta version of Google Play Games on PC to take feedback to fine-tune the experience. Now, the beta version of Google Play Games on PC is rolling out for gamers in India. 

So basically, when you participate in the beta, you get to dive into a world of mobile games that you can play on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, and even your PC. Notably, Google has also made sure you can access this experience in both English and Hindi.

The Google Play Games catalogue has added a ton of games, all spruced up and optimized for those larger screens. Plus, they've made sure the controls are decent enough so you can dominate with ease. Indian players can access popular titles from Indian developers like Ludo King and Hitwicket Games and internationally acclaimed games like Eversoul, Lords Mobile, and Evony: The King's Return 2 are also up for grabs. There are also new features like keyboard remapping and it has also lowered the minimum PC spec requirements, after all, it's about inclusivity and customization.

You will need to enable Hardware Virtualization from your PC’s bios to use Google Play Games on your PC. Here’s how you enable Hardware Virtualization on your computer: For Intel-based PCs: Bios > Advanced Mode > CPU Configuration > Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology > Enable > Save; For AMD-based PCs: Bios > Advanced Mode > CPU Configuration > SVM Mode > Enable > Save