Headphone Zone X ddHiFi DAC is an affordable hi-res dongle DAC

Elevate your audio experience without emptying that wallet

Headphone Zone and ddHiFi have joined forces to introduce a budget-friendly Hi-Res DAC. Priced at ₹1,999, the DAC is tailored for audiophiles looking for quality without breaking the bank.  

The Headphone Zone x ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC is a plug-and-play device that transforms any smartphone into a high-fidelity music player, bypassing the in-built DAC. If your phone has a USB-C port, just plug it in. For iPhone users, a Type-C to Lightning adapter is all you need to join the party.

The Headphone Zone x ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC pairs with “virtually all” in-ear monitors and some full-size headphones. Its 3.5mm headphone output is a match for any IEM sporting a 3.5mm jack. This high-resolution dongle DAC ensures your music shines, no matter which IEM brand you prefer. Whether its a KZ, Moondrop, 7HZ, or any other IEM. 

The Headphone Zone x ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC is powered by the CX31993 DAC chip, capable of decoding PCM signals up to 32Bit/384kHz. This means you can enjoy high-resolution music streaming from Apple or dive into FLAC files. With an SNR rating of 105dB, this DAC also comes with a guarantee of a noise-free listening experience, even with your most sensitive IEMs. Additionally, the mic passthrough feature lets you easily switch between calls and music.