Here are Gigabyte’s latest all-white motherboards

For DIY enthusiasts!

Gigabyte has unveiled three White motherboards on the AMD AM5 platform. Meet the X670E Aorus Pro X, B650 Aorus Elite AX Ice, and the B650M Aorus Elite AX Ice. These choices open up a world of possibilities for gamers who want to create stylish White Gaming Builds.

These motherboards embrace an all-white aesthetic, from their PCB boards with colour-matched solder masks to the illuminating lighting effects that add a touch of elegance. The new UC BIOS comes in a white version, crafted with a user-centric approach, ensuring an intuitive interface for operations.

You'll also have access to the Quick Access function and nine customisable option slots in Easy Mode. Plus, with the inclusion of the white antenna, putting together a white-themed setup is quite hassle-free. On top of it all, the X670E Pro X goes the extra mile with Wi-Fi 7 support, a reinforced Ultra Durable feature, and user-friendly DIY elements.

In addition, the X670E PRO X boasts cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 support, a reinforced Ultra Durable feature, and innovative DIY-friendly elements. The Ultra Durable PCIe UD Slot X, with its one-piece design securely attached to a dedicated backplate, boosts its load-bearing capacity by tenfold, says Gigabyte. This design, complemented by the Inner Lining Rubber Strip that safeguards your graphics card's PCB from potential scratches, lays the groundwork for graphics cards.

The Sensor Panel Link comes with built-in screens that make installation easy, eliminating the hassle of cable routing. This allows you to showcase critical system stats or even get creative with customising the screen with animations, calendars, schedules, and more. On top of that, there's a treasure trove of specially designed official system information skins waiting for you to explore. And when it comes to hardware, the screwless heatsink design and the M.2 EZ-Latch Plus for M.2 SSD installations are expected to make your life easier.