Instagram turns up safety measures to protect your DMs

Away with the annoying!

For most born after the dial-up internet era (and some before), there’s a place that has become a unique platform where we either share our epic foodie adventures or pretend to have our lives completely together– Instagram. The app has just dropped a new feature again! This time, it's all about guarding us against the unsolicited DM- type folks – you know, the ones who think sending unwanted pics is a great icebreaker.

In a move to keep the creeps away, Instagram has introduced a feature to give us more control over our DMs. It's like having a personal bouncer who won't let just anyone slide into your DMs without an invitation. So, here's the crux of it: If you're thinking of sliding into someone's DMs who hasn't given you the green follow-light, you'll now face not one, but two hefty roadblocks.

First up, the "One Message Wonder" rule. You can send only one message to that non-follower crush of yours. Yep, just one shot to impress. Follow-up DMs can be sent only after the recipient consents to the initial request to chat.

And hold onto your GIFs, because the second hurdle is the "Texts Only" checkpoint. Your creative prowess will be tested, as you can only send text-based invitations for a chat. No more stealthily sending cat videos to a total stranger. You'll need to have decent conversation skills before unleashing the cute kitten clips.

Now, let's talk about the benefits. This feature is a game-changer, especially for our fellow femmes who've had more than their fair share of unsolicited messages. Say goodbye to the land of unwarranted images and videos. No more surprise party invitations where you didn't even RSVP!

Instagram is also flexing its safety with more new updates. From hidden word filters that toss out offensive DMs to the "Limit Controls" feature, which is effectively setting a cap on how many random strangers can show up at your digital doorstep. 

So, yup, Instagram is finally working to make our DMs a safer place in hopes of fostering a more pleasant environment for its users.