Intel’s best GPU, the Arc A770 is priced at $329

No money for Nvidia?

Intel’s most expensive GPU and the top dog in their new GPU lineup is actually a fraction of the price compared to the Nvidia 40-Series GPU. We don’t know which Nvidia or AMD graphics card the Intel Arc A770 will be taking on but what we do know is that you can run Cyberpunk 2077 at 66FPS on 1440p display at High settings. If Intel’s benchmark graphs are to be believed.

Nevertheless, the Arc A770 and A750 are shaping up to save you some serious dosh, especially in a price-sensitive market like India. The Intel Xe Super Sampling technology (XeSS) is also coming along with these new cards which use AI to upscale image fidelity. That and Intel’s Deep Link Harness which basically interlinks the power of Intel Core processors, Intel Iris and Intel Arc together to output better performance and efficiency.

The A770 has 32 Xe-cores, 2100 MHz clock speed and comes in two variants — 16GB and 8GB. Meanwhile, the A750 has 28 Xe-cores, 2050 MHz clock speed and comes in only an 8GB variant. We don’t have the Indian pricing yet but it will be coming soon.