Jagged Alliance 3 is set to be released on July 14th for PC

No man left behind!

Big news on all fronts for gamers. With the return of BGMI for mobile gamers, PC gamers are in for a treat too with the launch of the highly anticipated turn-based tactics game, Jagged Alliance 3 set for July 14th, 2023. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by THQ Nordic, the game aims to be a worthy successor to the famed Jagged Alliance series. While the memories of the iconic earlier games are cherished, the developers acknowledge that times have changed and players have different expectations.

Following the game's launch, the developers plan to introduce mod support, allowing players to customize various aspects of the game according to their preferences. Initially, basic mod support will be available, enabling players to modify weapon statistics, adjust difficulty levels, and view hit probabilities. The mod support will expand over time, empowering players to create and share their own campaigns, introduce new mercenaries, and explore new possibilities.

The latest trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 provides insights into the gameplay and addresses questions players may have. The trailer offers a glimpse into the tactical and strategic elements of the game, as well as the presence of a crafting system and more.

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