Kuhl Exzel H1 is a mist-throwing pedestal fan with a BLDC motor and remote control

Refreshing air all summer!

The Exzel H1 by Kuhl Fans is marketed as a desert cooler, but it essentially functions as a mist-throwing fan. Just like Kuhl fans, this cooler fan also comes with a BLDC motor and remote control. Kuhl claims the cooler fan is claimed to offer up to 65% energy savings.

Additionally, the Kuhl Exzel H1 includes ultrasonic mist humidifier tech, ensuring a refreshing atmosphere with minimal noise and no water droplets. Its aerodynamic design features eight-blade wings, and its sleek, contemporary appearance, along with remote operation and digital speed display, enhance convenience.

The Kuhl Exzel H1 has a generous water tank capacity that is claimed to provide up to 8 hours of uninterrupted cooling. With a power consumption of 60 Watts, it provides a coverage of 400 MM, operating at a speed of 1200 RPM and delivering an airflow rate of 77 CMM. The Kuhl Exzel H1 is priced at ₹9619.