Lavna LS10 smart lock turns your finger into a key

Because your finger knows the secret, wink wink!

Whether your closet is a spacious walk-in with abundant shelves and drawers or a compact makeshift setup tucked into a corner of your bedroom, opening those drawers and wardrobe doors with just a touch of your finger would certainly be a delightful addition. The good news is you can totally pull this off with a Lavna LS10 smart drawer, almirah and cabinet lock.

These locks come with fingerprint access with an unlocking speed of 0.4 seconds. And if you're feeling a bit old-school, there's a good old Pin unlocking system too, where you can stash up to a hundred secret codes. Actually you've got options galore. You can also slip in an RFID card for quick access.

There is also a Lavna Smart Lock app where you can manage all your access modes. If you're on the go, you can also generate one-time passcodes from anywhere in India.  And just in case, there are two trusty mechanical keys included in the box, so that you always have a backup plan. The Lavna smart lock comes for ₹ 3999.