Linn hi-fi back in India

High-end audio to be sold via Audio Nirvana

Acclaimed Scottish hi-fi brand Linn is re-entering the Indian market after years of hiatus. Partnering with specialist distributors Audio Nirvana whose portfolio also includes illustrious brands such as McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Rotel and LA Sound, the entire Linn audio product range will be available via Audio Nirvana-appointed dealers nationwide. Whether you’ve managed to catch the turntable bug like many budding audiophiles or have given up on the analogue life for the digital dream, Linn’s range of turntables, digital streamers and everything in between should keep you within the brand as long as two-channel stereo is your poison. The brand has vehemently chosen to stay away from all things home theatre and as such, their three dominant lines denoted by the Magik, Selekt and Klimax ranges comprise enough stereo options for every budget. Provided your budget starts at the higher end of the segment.