MSI Vigor GK41 mechanical keyboard has Kailh Red switches

Get armed, game on

MSI is no stranger to gaming gadgets that mean business. And they're at it again with the new MSI Vigor GK41 series mechanical keyboard.  It comes equipped with 10 different lighting zones and throws in hotkey functionality for good measure. 

Beyond the lighting zones, you also get a palette of 6 fixed LED light colours to choose from. Plus, you can add your own personalised lighting effects through the MSI Center app. The keyboard has Kailh Red switches, offering a 1.9mm actuation distance, a 4.0mm total travel distance, and a 50gf actuation force. It also has a 100% anti-ghosting design.

The keyboard boasts a two-stage adjustable support foot design, providing you with three usage angles — 0°, 3°, and 7°. On top of that, it flaunts a "6+N key rollover" feature that can detect how many keys you're pressing and switch between 6-key and N-key modes to prevent signal conflicts and pesky key-triggering mishaps. So, even in the heat of battle, you can execute those moves. Circle back here to know the price!