Nikon acquires RED, forging a powerhouse in filmmaking

Let’s go RAW

In a surprising move, camera giant Nikon has announced its acquisition of RED, a leading manufacturer of professional cinema cameras. The deal, which is subject to customary closing conditions, will see RED become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nikon.

Forget shaky camcorder footage from the '90s. RED, a company that burst onto the scene in 2005, has been shaking things up in the film industry ever since. Their claim to fame? Cameras, baby! They're not your average point-and-shoot jobs either. We're talking iconic innovations like the RED ONE 4K and the mind-blowing V-RAPTOR, pushing the boundaries of what a camera can do.

This acquisition might put the Nikon cameras back in the business of making stellar cinema cameras, including the unique RED compression technology and colour science. This union promises exciting advancements in the professional digital cinema camera market, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in filmmaking and video production.