October issue is here!

Dip into those savings, after all Techtober it is!

This is the most exhilarating time of the year for tech enthusiasts, more like the Super Bowl of tech with giants like Amazon, Apple and Google dropping gadgets like hotcakes. And we're here to serve you all the sizzling details. The October issue of Stuff India has got everything from Apple's latest masterpiece, the iPhone 15 Pro Max to Google Pixel 8, the GoPro Hero 12, and a special treat – an exclusive piece on Mercedes EQE SUV 500. It's definitely a tech extravaganza you wouldn’t want to miss! 

This issue is also a pure delight for home cinema enthusiasts. It is packed to the brim with the latest in home entertainment tech. From OLED TVs to single-speaker surround sound magic, we've got it all for you, dear reader! So you know the drill, right? Unleash your inner tech enthusiast and make a beeline for your nearest newsstand. And if your cozy bed is playing tug-of-war, remember you can always snag an online subscription, no sweat. For those itching to dive into the digital edition, our buddies at Magzter have your back – it's just a few clicks away. So, keep those pages turning, and let's keep the magazines shining in all their glossy glory!