Orient Electric Cloud 3 is the first cloud cooling fan that throws cool air

Why settle for a fan that throws only air? Want one that blows the coolest breeze in town?

It's a wonder how we humans manage to survive the devilishly hot temperatures without melting into a puddle of sweat. Unfortunately, we can't say we got the solution to all the sweaty woes because the current rate at which climate crisis is intensifying, summers will only become progressively hotter. That said, Orient Electric’s latest Cloud 3 can help both ways: give out ‘cool’ air as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

The cooling fan is powered by Cloudchill technology. It has a 4.5-litre water tank and an in-built cloud chamber that converts water into nanoparticles thus creating an effect of cool, cloud-like air and its aerodynamically designed fan blades help spread the cool air across the room. The brand also promises that the fan is capable of bringing down the air temperature by up to 12 degree Celsius.

Well, of course, it’s not like having Elsa from Frozen as your personal assistant but it's still a feasible alternative if you want to avoid the continuous use of air conditioners to save electricity or the planet. And, you can also put ice and water-based fragrances for better-smelling cooler air.

The Cloud 3 fan flaunts a distinctive design, different from the usual pedestal fans. It has adjustable downward tilt up to 10-degrees and 30-degree oscillation to help circulate cool air across the room. And  there is a Breeze mode that ensures a breeze-like effect and it comes with a remote control for ease of operation. The Cloud 3 comes in two finishes – White and Black at a cost of ₹ 15,999.