PlayStation 5 Slim is now available in India and you can get it in 10 minutes

Blink and it appears

If for whatever reason you haven’t bought a PS5 yet (shame on you), this is your chance to grab the newly released PS5 Slim. The Slim comes in hot while some of the store shelves are still stocking the fatter PlayStation 5 and it’s your choice to pick the new or stick to the old. What’s the difference, you ask? The Slim is slimmer and modular to some extent but has the same internal performance chops as the older version. So in terms of performance, you should not be able to notice any difference between the two models. In terms of storage, PlayStation 5 Slim has 1TB storage while the older PlayStation 5 only has 825GB. Albeit, you’ll be paying ₹5,000 more for the PS5 Slim and its extra 175GB of storage. The PlayStation 5 (disc version) costs ₹49,990 and the PlayStation 5 Slim (disc version) costs ₹54,990. 

Like before, the PlayStation 5 Slim comes in disc and digital versions too. The digital version costs ₹44,990 and if you wish to add a disc drive to it then you can do that too. The disc drive is the modular part of the PlayStation 5 Slim and even if you buy the Digital Edition, PlayStation will sell you the disc drive module separately if you wish to use game CDs and Blu-rays. Sony India hasn’t shared the price or the availability of the disc drive module so at the time of writing, it’s not available to buy in India. In the US it launched for $79.99 so expect similar pricing.

You can now buy the PlayStation 5 Slim on Blinkit and have it delivered to your house in 10 minutes in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru only. Additionally, if you want to see the PS5 Slim and caress it, it will be displayed at Comic Con Mumbai on the 20th and 21st of April 2024.