Portronics Ruffpad 15M is a device aimed at kids

Because overexposure is dangerous!

If you have kids around, you certainly would know how quickly they get a hang of tablets, smartphones and even laptops. Sometimes they even surprise us by doing things and landing at pages we never expect them to, resulting in overexposure, and mind you: child locks are passé because the sweet cherubs are far smarter than we think. So the best option is to give them their own device, one that is as innocent as they’re supposed to be like Portronics Ruffpad 15M. 

A 6.6mm, 340g digital pad that can easily be disguised as a tablet and can be used for writing, doodling, drawing and learning. The device features a coloured 15-inch LCD with multiple vibrant colours and a stylus.

It is powered with a 3V user-replaceable coin cell with a battery life of several months. There is a one-tap button upfront for quick erasing and you can save and share whatever is written or drawn using the Ruffpad App available for both Android and iOS.

Interestingly, this device can also inculcate the habit of saving paper in kids by using a reusable notepad over paper pads. The Portronics Ruffpad 15M is available at a price of ₹3,499.