The Razer Lexus TX project is an audacious 'luxury gaming SUV' that dreams are made of

You probably can't buy one, but feel free to borrow the ideas.

Lexus and Razer have collaborated on a special project vehicle that is just about the ultimate gaming experience on four wheels you can imagine. The Razer Lexus TX takes an already impressive piece of automotive machinery, and adds top-end gaming equipment from Razer to turn the middle and back rows of the SUV into a rolling gaming den. The concept car allows for up to six people to game on the go - happily driven around by your chauffeur, of course.

Let's just take a moment to point out that you can't actually buy a Razer Lexus TX straight out of a showroom, but you can quite happily buy a Lexus TX and borrow ideas from this concept collaboration to put together a similar vehicle if you want. The car was unveiled at the 2023 Esports Awards Show in Las Vegas, and also features some exterior modifications such as custom logos, Razer green LED trim and panels, and decals that prominently point towards the Razer touch.

The second and third rows have Razer Iskur gaming chairs, along with full-fledged PC gaming setups. The Lexus TX itself is a plug-in hybrid SUV, capable of running for up to 33 miles (53 kilometres) on electric power, and also backed by a 3.5-litre V6 engine for adequate power on long runs.