Samsung launched a 110in Micro LED TV that doubles up as stunning artwork

For the eyes of the uber-wealthy

If you are always looking for something to make your living room a little more home-theatre-esque without the obtrusive black panel taking over your living room, you may want to check out the colossal 110in Samsung Micro LED TV. If you think the display is colossal, wait till you see the price tag!

Its Micro LED technology uses 24.8 million tiny LEDs to produce more vibrant and long-lasting colours. The TV is designed with a slim and modern look, thanks to the Minimalistic Monolith Design with an invisible bezel and thin edges. When not in use, you can turn it into an art display with Ambient Mode+.

The Micro LED Technology Components ensure sharp picture quality and accurate colours, with Micro Contrast adjusting brightness and Micro Colour maximizing brightness levels. When it comes to sound, this TV is equipped with Arena Sound, Dolby Atmos, and Q-Symphony.

The Micro AI Processor brings intelligence to the TV, enhancing picture quality for various content with Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling, Scene Adaptive Contrast, and Dynamic Range Expansion+. The Multi-View Feature lets you watch content from up to four sources simultaneously in 4K resolution at up to 120 FPS.

Additionally, the Art Mode allows you to display your favourite artworks and photos on the TV screen, taking notes from The Frame. Samsung has also introduced the SolarCell Remote, an eco-friendly remote that charges through indoor lighting, reducing battery waste.

Like all things lux, this screen is priced at an absolute wallet crushing ₹1,14,99,000. So it's time to break out all your life savings and treat your eyes to what they deserve!