Skyball’s Party Box 600 comes with multimode connectivity and 60W of sound output

Like to keep your neighbours up? Just play Skyfall on the Skyball

Have a look at the Party Box 600 by Skyball, the first-ever audio product by the homegrown brand. So if you’re looking to turn up the volume during those slow weekends or just say a loud hello to your neighbours without spending a fortune, this speaker can be yours at just ₹12,999.

What makes the Party Box 600 stand out? Well, we can't still say it will stand out but the spec sheet promises a 60W of audio power and multi-party RGB light effects. The brand also ensures that the Party Box 600 is the master of connectivity as it can connect to pretty much anything short of a toaster through Bluetooth, USB, TF or AUX.

On top of the device sits a control panel. Adjust the volume, skip tracks or tweak the light effects, who cares! And, did we mention the Party Box 600 is a battery-powered rebel? With its 5200mAh battery, Skyball says it's got enough stamina to keep your party rocking for up to six hours straight. But what got us hooked is the wireless microphone that comes with the Party Box 600 because after all what's a party without a good old-fashioned karaoke battle?