Sony Bravia X90L TV series is powered by next-gen Cognitive Processor XR

A mind like us, you said?

You know why the TV goes to therapy? Because it couldn't just handle all the drama! One thing's for sure but this TV isn’t the new Sony Bravia X90L series. Powered by the next-gen Cognitive Processor XR, the new Bravia X90L is touted as a brainiac that understands how we see and hear things, so it probably won't need therapy to deal with the drama!

Just like us (they say), it focuses on certain points and understands where that focal point is by using cognitive intelligence. With its smart processing power, it divides the screen into zones and figures out where our eyes will be drawn to.

The Bravia X90L series has multiple zones of LEDs that light up independently, creating contrast and depth. The XR Cognitive processor combined with the full array LED panel, and technologies like XR Contrast Pro Booster, XR Triluminos Pro and XR Clear Image delivers ultra-realistic picture quality, Sony claims. Plus, the XR 4K upscaling tech lets you enjoy top-notch entertainment, even if the content isn't 4K.

Don't you dare think Sony forgot about the sound! They've packed in features like XR sound positioning, Acoustic Multi Audio, and XR Surround with 3D surround upscaling for some pretty decent acoustics. There are X-Balanced speakers with Dual Bass Reflex too! So you can experience Dolby Atmos from the comfort of your home.

The Bravia X90L series has also got a Game Menu where you can tweak settings to your liking. You can even customise the screen size for a focused gaming experience, that’s actually new this time. Additionally, if you're rocking a PlayStation 5, this TV automatically optimises the HDR settings and minimises input lag.

Did we tell you about its sleek design? The Bravia X90L series boasts a minimalist One Slate design, where the screen and bezel blend. It's all about that slim and sophisticated look. They even threw in an aluminium slim wedged stand with a diamond-shaped cross-section. Fancy yeah!

The cherry on top is still the living Decor feature. Your TV becomes a decor item with on-screen artwork, personal photos, screensaver themes, and even a clock. So, how much for this TV goodness? The starting price for the Bravia X90L series is ₹1,39,990, and you can choose from 75in, 65in, or 55in.