Sony Interactive Entertainment launches India Hero Project to support emerging game developers

Showcase your skills

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is embarking on a new adventure in India. They've decided to launch the India Hero Project, which may sound like something straight out of a Bollywood movie or maybe even a new biking endeavour. But, the project aims to find and support new game developers in India, which is a great initiative because let's be real, who over here doesn't like playing games?

SIE wants to help these teams make high-quality games for PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and PC. They'll be offering mentorship from industry leaders in areas like technical art, design, and production. Plus, they'll give general insights into the business of making games, which is pretty neat.

One-person companies or larger studio entities can apply by registering their interest through an open submission process. They must be an India-based game developer able to register as a PlayStation Registered Developer. So, if you're a game developer in India, it's time to shine!

SIE believes in the enormous potential of Indian game developers, which is pretty awesome. They want to share their game development ethos and global capabilities to support new and diverse talents emerging from the region. PlayStation has been bringing several entertainment experiences to the Indian gaming community for 20 years, so it's about time they step up their game and give back.

In conclusion, the India Hero Project is an initiative with great potential and we can't wait to see what new games come out of it. SIE is on a mission to elevate the creative voices of independent developers across the globe and deliver compelling new content to PlayStation consumers.