Sony’s new Inzone headsets vouch for maximised performance and optimised acoustics

Because no detail is too small

A question for all fervid gamers out there – What’s the worst sitch to face in the middle of a heated gaming session? A low-battery pop-up. Actually, there’s another. Imagine missing out on a tactical detail or bits from the discussion with your pumped-up squad because the doorbell rang or because your sibling is calling for attention, annoying right? 

But with Sony’s all-new Inzone headsets you can save the day. Inzone is Sony’s new gaming gear brand for PC gamers that features two new wireless headsets, the H9 and H7, and a wired H3. All the models are equipped with a flexible flip-up boom microphone with a mute function for effective communication and come with a promised battery life of up to 40 hours. 

There’s also Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound which reproduces 2ch stereo audio signals in 7.1ch surround sound. As per the brand, this accurate sound reproduction boosts spatial awareness, enabling players to precisely hear footsteps and movements. It also natively supports Sony PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D Audio which is the console’s spatial surround sound for supported games.

Furthermore, the diaphragms of the Inzone H9 and H7 are designed to allow the headphones to reproduce extremely high-frequency sounds with high compliance, as well as authentic low frequencies for an immersive gaming experience. The ducts on the housing of all three headsets control and optimise low-frequency sound reproduction for cleaner bass and an immersive experience. The Inzone H9 also has multiple noise-cancelling microphones that keep out all the ambient noise. 

Price-wise, you can buy the H9 for ₹ 27,990, the H7 for ₹ 21,990 and the H3 for 9,990.