Sony’s new WF-LS900N Earth Blue variant is made from recycled water bottles

Doing their bit for the environment

As consumers, it’s time we look into the damage the tech we use is doing to the environment. While cutting out devices is far too drastic a measure, there are brands trying to do their bit to help the environment while making premium gadgets. Among these is Sony with their new WF-LS900N noise-cancelling TWS earbuds. They will now be available in the eye-catching "Earth Blue" colourway. With a snazzy marble pattern on the body and case, it's quite the eye-catcher. But what makes it special is that these earbuds are made from recycled resin materials generated from recycled water bottles. Pretty cool, eh?

As for the specs, they are closed, dynamic headphones with 5mm drivers. The high-power neodymium magnets are no joke. These earbuds have a frequency response that goes from a respectable 20Hz to 20,000Hz for Bluetooth communication. But wait, there's a twist! With LDAC 96kHz sampling at 990kbps, you can experience the frequencies all the way up to 40,000Hz. That's right, these earbuds will have you hearing sounds you didn't even know existed in your songs. 

So, there you have it, folks. The Sony WF-LS900N in "Earth Blue" is a combination of style, tech and a touch of eco-consciousness. It's time to help save the planet, one earbud at a time!