The new Indiana Jones Lego has four sets with a total of 3333 pieces

Building piece by piece

A new Indiana Jones movie is about to hit the theaters soon and what better way to celebrate the return of a decade old franchise than merch! The new collection of Lego sets is headlined as the 1,500-piece Lego Temple Escape Diorama and has three more sets; the series is expected to come on Apr 1, 2023.

Coming as Lego set number 77015, the Temple Escape Diorama will have three sections of the build. The first one is designed revolving around the signature boulder chase scene, the second will display Indy swinging across the pit and the last one will feature the Golden Idol swap from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

All are set on a black display base and the build will have two tiles with sayings from the films. One reads “Let us hurry. There is nothing to fear here.” while the other read, “That’s what scares me.” Both the quotes from Satipo and Indy.

The four sets are Fighter Plane Chase with 387 pieces priced at ₹2486, Escape from the Lost Tomb with 600 pieces priced at ₹3253, The Temple of Doom with 801 pieces at ₹6507 and finally the Temple Escape Diorama with 1,545 pieces priced at ₹12,121.