The What Hi Fi? Show 2024 hits Mumbai!

Put your Hi-Fi Hats On!

For over a bloomin' decade now, the prestigious What Hi-Fi? Show has reigned supreme as the paramount congregation for those enraptured by the symphonies of sound. Whether you're a tech-savvy savant, a seasoned dealer, an unwavering audiophile, or merely a curious seeker in pursuit of the pinnacle in home theater and stereo excellence, this is undeniably the epicenter of your aspirations.

But hold onto your hats, dear attendees, for this transcends mere auditory indulgence. Oh no, it beckons you into the realm of complete sensory immersion, this time nestled in the bustling metropolis - Mumbai.

Every exhibitor and participant at the What Hi-Fi? Show adheres to a singular creed: to bedazzle the discerning audience with systems that epitomize nothing short of flawlessness. These configurations are akin to meticulously crafted racing cars, poised to accelerate into an unparalleled visual and auditory extravaganza.

And what awaits you? This is no ordinary exhibition; it's a sumptuous sensory gala that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. It's akin to stepping off the glossy pages of our esteemed magazine and delving into the ultimate audio-visual reverie. So, fasten your seatbelts, dear attendees, for this is a journey you absolutely cannot afford to miss!
The What Hi-Fi Show has served as the launching pad for many illustrious brands in India, and here, amidst the grandeur of the show, you shall have the privilege to witness a select few of these luminaries.
Date - 14-16 March
Venue - St. Regis Mumbai