ViewSonic M1 Pro Smart LED Portable Projector is a luxurious travel companion

Pocket-sized theatre!

ViewSonic has just launched the M1 Pro Smart LED Portable Projector, the latest addition to their M Series Portable Projectors. This pocket-sized device is perfect for movie nights under the stars, camping trips, or even entertaining your cat. The M1 Pro features a patented smart stand that allows 720p HD, 360-degree projection, so you can project your movies on the walls, ceiling, or even on the floor. Plus, the stand serves as a cover for protection. The M1 Pro can transform practically any place into an immersive entertainment space thanks to its built-in battery and 30,000-hour maintenance-free LED light source.

With a weight of less than 1kg, the M1 Pro is light enough to carry around in your tiny backpack, making it the ideal travel companion. You don't have to worry about a power source, as it comes with a built-in battery that can last for hours. Alternatively, a power bank or a USB-C charger can also be used to power the projector for longer sessions.

The M1 Pro offers versatile usage and maximum options for immediate fun with its 3-in-1 smart stand. The stand can be swiveled to power on/off the projector and can project a perfectly-formed image from any angle. At a distance of 2.5 metres, the M1 Pro creates a spectacular 100-inch image with 600 LED Lumens of brightness and accurate colour. Plus, the comprehensive horizontal & vertical keystone and 4 corner adjustments allow images to shape evenly projected from the front, above, below, and the sides.

In addition, the M1 Pro features Harman Kardon speakers that produce clear, rich audio for games, movies, and TV shows. With the simple touchpad on top, you can play, pause, and control the volume. The curved magnetic I/O cover completes the one-piece minimalist design.

The M1 Pro Smart LED Portable Projector is available for ₹99,000.