WhatsApp Call Links are like Zoom meeting links but with friends

Linking the world together!

Well, it wouldn’t be Meta if it wasn’t imbibing the best features of other apps, now would it? We’ve seen Instagram draw “inspiration” from the likes of Snapchat and BeReal in the past, now it’s time for its messenger sibling WhatsApp to take a page out of the Zoom and Google Meets’ book. The app has just introduced Call Links.

As members of the Zoom and pandemic era, we aren’t exactly strangers to the concept of call links. But there is a great convenience that comes with WhatsApp bringing the feature. You won’t have to individually add a bunch of people anymore. You can simply just forward the link and hop on an audio or video call with all your friends.

You can expect this update to come to your phones and devices later this week. So round up your gang of 32 friends and get to calling!