Xiaomi SU7 EV is an all-electric sedan that will run on HyperOS

Road vibes incoming!

Xiaomi's wrapping up the year with an event dubbed "Stride," explicitly focusing on its EV. And, just before the show kicked off (on December 28), the brand dropped a sneak peek on social media showing off their debut passenger car, the Xiaomi SU7—all-electric sedan.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi's CEO, shared the debut glimpse of the Xiaomi SU7 on X, giving us the first official peek. His caption "Hello, Xiaomi SU7 Welcome to Human x Car x Home" hints at the car's link with smartphones and smart home gadgets. Confirmed reports say it'll run on the HyperOS operating system.

The SU in the name represents "Speed Ultra" for the Xiaomi SU7. The EV has a sleek sedan design in a grey hue, sporting five-spoke alloy wheels with Michelin tires and featuring the Mi logo on the wheel caps. Lei Jun emphasised the focus on intelligent tech for this EV, drawing inspiration from cutting-edge car systems like the Tesla Model S. He also shared some insights about the meaning behind the name Xiaomi SU7.

Specifications for the SU7 haven't been revealed by the company yet. Currently in trial production, it's set to enter the domestic market in a few months. While pricing remains undisclosed, Lei Jun has assured it will "exceed your expectations." Xiaomi might unveil three models: Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi SU7 Pro, and Xiaomi SU7 Ultra. Anticipations suggest the SU7 could reach speeds of 210 km/h for the base model, while the SU7 Max variant might offer up to 265 km/h.