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Got an itch to pick up a new game? Here’s a list of games that will certainly rock your gaming library.


A thunderous return for one of PlayStation’s best ever. God of War Ragnarök builds over the reboot in more meaningful ways than one.

from ₹ 4,999


A masterpiece for masochist gamers

from ₹ 2,499


Guarding our love for single-player games, this one is the best for Marvel fans.

from ₹ 2,999


GT7 is a celebration of cars and the car culture for petrolheads, and that message is conveyed through an interactive medium called a video game. It’s very special!

from ₹ 4,999


The turn-based strategy game that ignites a new spark for Nintendo Switch fans

from ₹ 3,999


Like its predecessor, Forza Horizon 5 is at the pinnacle of open-world racings.

from ₹ 3,499


The PlayStation has another masterpiece. Horizon Forbidden West is for adventurous gamers. One that wants to explore an interesting world filled with dangerous machines with a dollop of challenging combat and a fulfilling story.

from ₹ 4,999


Built by serious nerds for not-so-serious racing fans. It's a fun and beautiful arcade racing game.

from ₹ 1,299


Returnal has all the ingredients for an enjoyable, tough and fluid rogue-like game.

from ₹ 4,999


This offers a more mature approach to football, but it could do with being replicated on Ultimate Team.

₹ 2,999

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