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Working, playing or schooling, these laptops are sure to make your life a wee-bit easier


Apple has just made the world’s best ultrabook even better. But again, it’s a “want” over “need” sort of upgrade over M1.

₹ 1,19,900


The best laptop for everyday and professional use with performance and battery life that will leave you head-scratching!

from ₹ 1,94,900


If you’re a gamer or can't wait all day for a video to render, then this is for the five or six of you.

₹ 2,99,990


If you love collecting special-edition units like this, it’s a no brainer, for others, there’s better value out there…

from ₹ 1,14,990


If you’re on the lookout for an affordable work/ study laptop, then look no further.

from ₹ 63,999


A well-rounded 2-in-1 convertible laptop let down by a high price tag and expectations

from ₹ 1,05,990


This is pretty much a complete gaming package with the latest RTX 30-series gpu.

from ₹ 2,39,990


It’s a lightweight heavy-hitter for folks on the move

from ₹ 1,32,000


The gaming machine that is on par with desktops and folds for convenience.

from ₹ 3,58,236


A great all rounder for those looking for quality and longitivity

from ₹ 71,999

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