Top 10 TVs

Best TVs money can buy

These TVs are faster, smarter but most importantly they offer the best screen quality for your hard-earned cash


If you want a no-compromise OLED TV with all the gaming chops and the accuracy of a film monitor, the Sony A80K should be your first port of call!

from ₹ 5,59,990


LG’s brightest display is capable of outstanding picture quality and even better gaming performance

from ₹ 3,99,990


The X90J is a visual treat that is second only to an OLED!

from ₹ 1,39,990


LG somehow manages to improve on the previous C8's perfection.

from ₹ 2,29,990


Looks and feels more expensive than it actually is, with a picture quality that punches above its weight too!

from ₹ 74,990


The perfect blend of lifestyle, art and entertainment all in one.

from ₹ 63,990


The new benchmark in TV design - and picture quality.

from ₹ 12,99,990


With 4K and HDR, it’s tough to get too close to a telly as stunning as this.

from ₹ 4,40,990


You get full 4K, HDR package you want in a set that's large but not enormous.

from ₹ 2,64,900


A great-looking OLED TV with fantastic performance and a relatively affordable price tag

from ₹ 89,999

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