Best Televisions

Best Televisions

These TVs are faster and smarter, but most importantly they offer the best screen quality for your hard-earned cash


The OLED to beat. The A80 series continues to wow us with its colour and motion. Buy it if you’re looking for the best picture quality on an OLED.

from ₹ 2,49,900


LG’s brightest display is capable of outstanding picture quality and even better gaming performance

₹ 3,99,990


Great picture quality and sound for the price, and feels feature rich too if you have other OnePlus devices

₹ 99,999


LG somehow manages to improve on the previous C8's perfection.

₹ 98,500


A budget 4K Smart TV that delivers on all fronts with Fire TV OS and Alexa voice remote chipping in to make life easier.

₹ 23,999

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