Top 5 Electic Cars

Best Electic Cars

Many of the products in our Top 10s come with a battery inside, and now we have cars with range limits, battery capacity and all the best tech inside.


Audi hit a home run with the e-Tron 55 which promised a 350km plus range and lived up to it!

from ₹ 1,10,00,000


Phenomenal car inside and out, with tech that is usable, practical and a genuine range extender.

from ₹ 59,95,000


Headturning looks, skull-crushing acceleration and a cabin with superb quality and features.

from ₹ 1,12,00,000


A bump in specs, features and price tag make the Nexon EV Max a worthy upgrade over the Nexon EV

from ₹ 17,74,000


A well stocked EV with long-ish range, and a high price tag.

₹ 25,88,000

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