Best Headphones

Best Wireless, True Wireless, and Wired Headphones and Earphones

Whether you’re trying to tune in or drown out the surroundings, these headphones and earphones have the best tech and even better audio quality


Still the easiest to wear, pair and live with the whole day, the new AirPods Pro is the gold standard for ANC TWS.

₹ 24,900


Not a big upgrade over the previous gen, but still the best of the breed at this price.

₹ 29,990


One of the best allrounders among TWS earphones, complete with highly efficient ANC, impressive sound, and a feature-rich companion app.

₹ 24,990


Fun, energetic and budget-friendly, the Buds 3 is an easy choice for most of us

₹ 5,499


The Momentum 4 are sonically excellent even in a bland suit

₹ 34,990


Not the most potent ANC but if you want musicality on a budget, the Nord Buds 2 deliver in spades.

₹ 2,999


A worthy upgrade to the original transparent earbuds and establishes Nothing’s commitment to R&D too.

₹ 9,999


Entry-level wireless buds that offer most of the essentials while offering an entertaining, if not accurate sound.

₹ 2,299


One of the best-sounding gaming earphones that don’t support Bluetooth

₹ 17,990


There is scope for improvement but a truly innovative pair of headphones with a built-in subwoofer delivers on the promise.

₹ 15,999

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