Top 5 Headphones

Best Headphones

Whether you’re trying to tune in or drown out the surroundings, these headphones have the best tech and even better audio quality


If you don’t need ANC, these sound even better than the Pro!

from ₹ 18,500


It’s back in black, and is still a fun-sounding in-ear with a penchant to punch above its weight.

from ₹ 6,999


A late entry in India but with its bold and brilliant package, this is easily the best TWS with ANC.

from ₹ 19,999


Superb, balanced audio with a tonne of useful features and an all-day comfy fit. It’s perfect.

from ₹ 18,999


The Airpods Pro rival that offers a fun and entertaining listening experience.

from ₹ 9,990

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