Top 5 Tablets

Best Tablets

Shift from small screen to big, these are the best tablets to keep your work and entertainment dose happy and healthy.


The Mini beats the expectations of what a small tablet can do, if you touch it, you’ll want it!

from ₹ 60,900


Its versatility and wallet-friendly price tag make the Xiaomi Pad 5 a worthy challenger to the iPad’s dominance.

from ₹ 28,999


If you’re in the market for a high-end laptop with a flexibility of a tablet, the iPad Pro is a no-brainer for anyone with creative workflows.

from ₹ 89,900


Big on size, features and price tag. It may not be the most practical, but it’s the best darn Android tab there is.

from ₹ 1,22,999


Versatile performer that’s way more fun-to-use than entry-level laptops.

from ₹ 27,999

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