CES 2024: What to Expect From Audio, TV, Computers, Cars, and More

The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 kicks off in Las Vegas on January 7

It’s the beginning of 2024, and for the tech community it’s also time for the first big industry event of the year - CES. Taking place in Las Vegas, CES plays host to thousands of attendees from the media and tech industry, while major brands use CES to showcase new products for the year ahead, and concept technologies to look out for in the years to come. This year, expect the usual big names to be present and launch new products and ideas, including Samsung, Lenovo, AMD, and Qualcomm, apart from vehicle technology from all the big carmakers.

You can expect new product lineups at CES 2024 from all the big names in tech, although the actual reality of what we get to see is something we’re going to have to wait till the show kicks off for. For now, here are the rumours of what we can expect to see at CES 2024.

Computing and Laptops

This is likely where we’ll see a lot of new announcements; Intel and AMD are slated to be present at CES 2024 in a big way, and this could lead to unveiling of new products such as the next-generation Intel Core and Ryzen processors. Nvidia could just unveil new RTX GPUs as well. Qualcomm will also be present, but don’t expect to see its new mobile processors in action just yet.

On the product end, Lenovo will probably have a full slate of new laptops and tablets to unveil, including convertible and non-typical form factors that build on our tendency to touch screens rather than physical buttons, and favour smaller and more portable kit. Asus and Acer could also be around, as will peripheral makers such as Razer and Logitech.


CES is usually big for televisions, and all the big names are present in full strength to unveil new product lines. Sony, Samsung, and LG - the big three of the TV world - are likely to be present with new trends, some of which could be less along the lines of technology and more along the lines of affordability and making certain premium technologies more affordable.

Samsung could introduce more affordable OLED TVs alongside its relatively newer and more expensive mini-LED and micro LED lineup, while LG could introduce updated models across its OLED TV range. Also expect to see concepts such as rolling and ultra-thin TVs from LG. Sony will be present, but expect the focus to be on virtual reality and other trends in sound and production.

Panasonic will also likely introduce new televisions, particularly its flagship TV range. Hisense could also show off its new 110-inch mini-LED television, which was recently announced.


Audio brands do tend to show up at CES to piggyback on the television bandwagon, and brands such as Samsung and LG might just showcase the full line-up of current-generation audio products apart from a couple of new launches. Separately, brands such as Audio Pro, Sennheiser, JBL, and Fiio have also confirmed their presence in Las Vegas.

Vehicle Tech

Recent years have seen vehicle tech become a big deal at CES, with many carmakers showcasing concepts at the show - remember BMW’s colour-changing car from CES 2023? Fortunately it isn’t just distant concepts, and many carmakers also showcase very real and market-ready tech for vehicles at CES.

Electric vehicles will likely be the big trend, with luxury and everyday cars and tech expected to be showcased by brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, and more. Hyundai and Honda could also display upcoming electric vehicles which will go on sale this year. Electric cars have for some time been hailed as the future of passenger vehicles, as dependence on traditional fuels is being reduced worldwide, including in India. This year will be no different, and CES will put a spotlight on it.

Separately, there could be showcases of mild use of AI and automation in cars for 2024, focused on features that make driving safer. Don’t expect too much innovation in this space for now, though; we’re still far from a world where cars go fully autonomous.